TAMBOR – is an independent learning program in media for human rights based on popular edu-communication. Goals Stimulate the emergence of community communication vehicles; Strengthen existing links between independent collectives in Brasil; Subsidize social movements and human rights defenders with communication tools and techniques; Experience / Consolidate a program of […]

Tambor – Independent Media for Human Rights Learning Program

Provide participants with some personal and digital protection tips and protocols for conducting field reports in areas of armed conflict, aiming to ensure the safety of the communicators and characters of the reports. Identifying risks and vulnerabilities Elaborating an emergency protocol Local management Protection of data Identity Hiding Informed consent

Reportage in Conflict Areas

Share all the necessary processes for the assembly of a web radio and for realization of programs. Integrating pre-produced content with live broadcasts. In addition to entries by phone, skype and integration with audio messaging applications. History of independent radios Radio web configuration Voice and production of programs Radio operation […]

Radio Workshop

WITNESS workshop on the use of videos to collect evidence of human rights violations and audiovisual capture and archive protocols for legal use. Video as evidence protocols Metadata and complementary evidence Archiving and data protection Use of video in legal proceedings Tools and training materials

Video as Evidence

Share knowledge on how to develop personal and digital protection protocols for human rights defenders and communicators at risk. Using digital tools to monitor emergency situations. Why to design a protection protocol Creating an emergency network Risk monitoring applications and techniques Protection Campaigns Supporting organizations

Personal and Digital Protection

The Social Mapping workshop aims to equip participants with skills to use maps in their local projects. Developing geopolitical readability of the territory and strengthening the understanding of local problems and potentialities. Learning to read the maps Identifying the problems and potentialities in the territory Elaborating typologies and iconographies Creating […]

Social Mapping Workshop