Bombozila gets under way as part of a process of mapping recent audiovisual production in Latin America, focusing on independent collectives and filmmakers who are putting their cameras at the service of social struggles. Its main objective is to facilitate access to videos that record and debate political processes, by […]


Radio Mutirão was born in the meeting of independent communicators of Latin America during the Rio2016 Olympics, from the work of communicators from various countries who came to the city to cover the social consequences of the olympics. Visit the website here.


Ruta El Tambo motivates the articulation between collectives of independent communication and popular education that contribute innovations to the democratization of information and culture. The proposed methodology is based on sharing knowledge, strengthening technical capacities and developing strategies for sustainability and guaranty of the right to communication. We want to […]


Mídia Coletiva is an independent news portal maintained by communicators from Brazil and Latin America in which Mutirão Lab participates actively with special reports in Rio de Janeiro and with collaborators in Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Chile. Visit website here