Tambor – Independent Media for Human Rights Learning Program

TAMBOR – is an independent learning program in media for human rights based on popular edu-communication.


  • Stimulate the emergence of community communication vehicles;
  • Strengthen existing links between independent collectives in Brasil;
  • Subsidize social movements and human rights defenders with communication tools and techniques;
  • Experience / Consolidate a program of edu-communication courses focusing on Human Rights;

Public (18+)

  • Independent communicators working in militarized areas
  • Community communication collectives denouncing violations arising from extractivism
  • Human rights defenders and relatives of state victims
  • Young cultural agitators, youtubers and rappers

Program (56hrs.)

  1. Formation of the Latin American Culture (6 hours)
  2. Theory of Communication (3 hours)
  3. History of Mass Media (3 hours)
  4. Community Journalism (3 hours)
  5. Community Radio (3 hours)
  6. Digital Photography (3 hours)
  7. Audiovisual Production (6 hours)
  8. Video As Evidence and Protection Protocols (6 hours)
  9. Data Journalism (3 hours)
  10. Human Rights Campaigns in Social Networks (3 hours)
  11. Learning Routes (3 hours)
  12. Independent Media
  13. Serigraphy and Graphic Production
  14. Cultural Production


  • Live Streaming and Human Rights
  • Social Cartography
  • Fake News and Data Check
  • Long-Term Archiving for Human Rights
  • Monitoring of Police Violence with Cell Phones